How Long Does it Take to Bike 4 Miles?

Biking is a great form of exercise, and it’s also a great way to get around. If you’re thinking about biking 4 miles, you might be wondering, how long is that going to take?

That depends on a lot of factors, including your fitness level, the terrain, and the weather. But generally speaking, you can expect to bike 4 miles in about 25 minutes.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the factors that can influence how long does it take to bike 4 miles along with average time taken for different speeds. 

How Long Does it Take to Bike 4 Miles?

Assuming you’re in reasonable shape and you’re not pedaling uphill the whole way, you can probably expect to bike 4 miles in about 18 – 25 minutes

How long it takes to bike 4 miles greatly depends on the average speed of the rider. You have probably heard of the speed = distance/time formula right?  Let’s apply it and take a look at how the time it takes to ride 4 miles varies with your speed.

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If you’re biking at a moderate speed of 12 mph, it would take you approximately 20 minutes to bike 4 miles. That’s not too bad!

But if you’re biking at a leisurely pace of 6 miles per hour, it would take you approximately 40 minutes to bike 4 miles.

Speed (miles per hour)Time Taken (minutes)
6mph40 minutes
8mph30 minutes
10mph 24 minutes 
12mph20 minutes 
14mph17 minutes 
16mph15 minutes 
18mph13 minutes 
20mph12 minutes 

Factors that Effects 

Several factors affect how long does it take to bike 4 miles, which are all taken into account in our main time prediction. Let’s look at some of these here:

Mountainous Road

The longer and steeper the mountain, the longer it takes to bike 4 miles. 

Because of the hills its more difficult to pedal and you will burn more energy. Your speed will reduce too and in turn increase travel time.

If you have a mountain bike with low gears and short chainrings, then you might find yourself struggling with hills when biking for 4 miles.

Downhill Road

If you ride downhill, you will be able to bike 4 miles much faster.

how long to bike 4 miles downhill

This is because your speed is lower when going uphill BUT higher when going downhill.

Flat Road

You will be able to ride faster on a flat road than on a steeper road but slower than on a downhill road.


Curves in the road make you work harder because they require more effort from your muscles, which means they take longer to complete.


Wind resistance can slow you down, especially if the wind is blowing at your back or side. 

Wind resistance increases with increasing speed or headwinds.


For example, if it’s cold outside then it will take longer to reach your destination because you’ll have to put on more layers of clothing.

On the other hand, if it’s hot outside then you’ll burn more calories while biking and you’ll be able to travel further per mile than someone who rides in cooler temperatures.

Fitness Level

The faster you can ride, the faster you can go. 

If you have a fast pace for the first few minutes of your journey, then you will be able to keep up with the rest of the group at a higher speed than if you’re struggling to keep up and feeling exhausted after 4 miles.

Bike Type 

Different bikes handle differently and have different characteristics which affect how fast you can go and how far you can go on a given terrain. 

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For example, some bikes are designed for flat roads while others are designed for mountainous roads or downhill roads.


It’s pretty obvious that traffic has a major impact on the time it takes to bike 4 miles. 

If there’s little to no traffic you could do 4 miles way faster while with traffic it takes longer as you would have to ride slowly.

How Long Does it Take to Bike 4 miles Casually?

Estimating the amount of time needed to bike 4 miles at a casual pace is slightly more difficult. 

It depends on how fast you usually ride “causally”. Most I think would have a average speed of around 5 – 6 mph if they are riding causally at a leisurely pace, so it takes around 40 – 50 minutes to bike 4 miles causally.


How Many Calories Can You Burn On a 4 Mile Bike Ride?

A 4-mile bike ride will burn about 190 calories (women) or 225 calories (men). This is assuming that you have a normal level of fitness and are not sweating excessively. Biking at a slow pace for 4 miles will burn less than biking at a fast pace for 4 miles. The slower you go, the fewer calories you’ll burn.

How Long Does it Take to Bike 4.5 Miles?

If you’re an average cyclist, it will take about 30 – 40 minutes to bike 4.5 miles (7 kilometers). This assumes that the weather is nice and there are no hills or traffic

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