About US

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike
– John F Kennedy


We couldn’t have said it any better – we love cycling for the simple feeling of freedom and joy that it gives us.

But there’s a whole world behind that seemingly simple pleasure: from developing your riding technique, to selecting the best accessories to make your ride even more enjoyable.

That’s why we decided to start CyclingFly, a website about the little details behind the beautifully simple activity of riding a bike.

We’re Dan and Hugo, and we’re excited to welcome you here at CyclingFly!

Dan is from Morocco, and, besides being an expert website designer and developer, his great passion in life is riding his bike.

So much so that he actually ran a bike shop for many years, and this is where he developed a deep knowledge about the technical aspects of bike maintenance and accessories.

Be careful when asking him what bike you should buy, because you’re likely to set off a 3 hour monologue about hydraulic disk brakes.

Hugo is from the Netherlands, and likes to brag that he rode a bike before he could walk.

Being from a country where 36% of people list cycling as their primary mode of transport, he has cycling in his soul – and thinks everyone should! It’s great for your health, and it’s great for the planet – what other arguments do you need?

Together, we want to share our knowledge and passion with you and provide interesting, informative, and awesome content that will help you in upgrading your cycling lifestyle.

We’ll be regularly writing about the latest developments in the bike universe, from in-depth guides on how to [X], to expert reviews on finding the [best X for X].

We’re also active on social media, and love to engage with anyone who wants to learn more about cycling – from people who’ve just bought their first bike to seasoned bicycle geeks.

Feel free to browse around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch!
Keep cycling on, and, above all, keep cycling fly!

Dan and Hugo