Why Is My Bike Making Popping Sounds?

Just before you ride off into the sunset and enjoy a nice long ride on your bicycle, are you met with a bunch of loud bangs that sound more like you are in a war zone than riding on the pavement? 

If you have been frustrated by this dilemma, then this is the guide for you! We will be covering why your bike is making popping sounds, how bad it is and how to fix it along with a few other FAQs. 

Without further ado let’s get started!  

Is it Bad If Your Bike is Making Popping Sounds?

It depends on what you’re hearing. If you hear a pop, but your bike still runs fine and doesn’t have any other issues, then it’s probably nothing to worry about. But if your bike keeps making popping sounds, it could be a sign of something serious. 

If your bike starts making popping noises while riding, you should stop immediately and check for any visible damage to the tires or wheels. The noise could be caused by something as simple as a loose spoke in the wheel or a worn-out brake pad rubbing against the rim.

If you can’t find anything wrong that makes sense, then most likely there is nothing wrong at all and the noise will go away on its own after riding around for a while.

You may also hear popping noises when you are braking if there is air trapped in your hydraulic brake line. This usually happens when you start riding again after sitting for several days without riding or perhaps not having ridden at all during winter months when bikes are stored inside garages or sheds waiting for spring weather to arrive so they can be ridden again outside on paved roads or trails.

Can You Keep Riding If Your Bike Makes Popping Sounds?

You can ride your bike, but it’s NOT a good idea.

The first question is whether or not the popping sound is coming from your bicycle’s moving parts or something else. If you hear a popping sound while riding, then it’s likely that something is wrong with your bike.

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If you’re riding a bike and it makes popping sounds, it can be very disconcerting. It can also be dangerous. The popping sound may be caused by a worn-out bearing. If you continue to ride with a worn-out bearing, there’s a chance that it will cause damage to the rest of your bike, including the frame and wheels.

Why is My Bike Making Popping Sounds?

There are several reasons why your bike might be making popping or clicking sounds, including:

1. Loose chains

A loose chain will create a popping or clicking sound when you pedal. Loose chains can be caused by dirt and grime building up on the sprockets, which reduces traction between the sprockets and chain links. 

loose chains cause bike popping sounds

2. Worn out parts

Worn out components can cause problems like this as well, especially if they’re made of plastic or aluminum instead of steel — they tend to wear out faster than steel parts do and may need replacing more often than you’d expect.

And while we’re talking about worn out parts, be sure that your brake pads are in good condition too — if they’re worn down enough, they might not stop your bike properly when you need them most! 

3. Faulty or broken damper rod

A damper rod is a metal rod that connects the piston and crankshaft in an engine. It helps reduce vibration and noise from the engine by absorbing some of the energy from each power stroke.

Damper rods often break due to age or wear, which can cause an air pocket to form between the piston and cylinder wall. This causes the piston to hit against the cylinder wall, creating a loud pop that sounds like it could be coming from inside your engine block. 

4. Faulty shock

A faulty shock can cause popping noises as well as other issues such as poor performance and excessive wear on both tires and fenders. If there’s no visible damage but you’re still hearing strange sounds from your bike when going over bumps, your shocks need to be replaced by an expert mechanic.

faulty shocks cause popping sounds

How To Fix Bike Popping Sounds

If your bike is making popping sounds, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world (or even the end of your bike). There are a few things you can do to make sure your bike continues to work perfectly.

1. Clean your Bike

The most obvious solution to this problem is cleaning your bike. If there is any dirt or sand on the surface of your rims, it might cause this popping sound. You can clean your bike with warm water and soap, then dry it with a towel or chamois leather.

Once you have cleaned off all the dirt from your wheels, wash off all residue from soap or degreaser. Make sure that everything is properly dried before applying any lubricant to it.

2. Adjust Brakes

Another way to fix this problem is by adjusting the brakes properly on your bicycle. If brakes are not adjusted properly, they may rub against rims causing popping sounds while braking or pedaling.

To adjust brakes properly, take out brake pads from drums and adjust them so that they don’t rub against rims anymore during braking or pedaling motions.

3. Check for Loose Bolts

If your bike is making popping sounds, there may be loose bolts on the frame or engine. To check for this, remove all of the body panels from your bike (such as fairings and windshields), then spray some WD-40 on each bolt and nut. Tighten all of them and see if the popping stops.


Why does my bike pop when I pedal?

The popping sound that you hear when you’re pedaling is typically caused by the chain rubbing against the rear sprocket. This may also be accompanied by a rattling sound.

Why does my bike chain keep popping?

The chain has stretched too much and is too loose on the sprocket teeth. This causes it to jump over teeth as you pedal along which makes a loud ‘popping’ sound when the chain comes back down onto the next tooth.

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3 thoughts on “Why Is My Bike Making Popping Sounds?”

  1. My rear deraileur is catching teeth and making a popping sound only in gears 7,8,and 9. (9 speed e- bike). Is my chain to wide. Purchased a 9 speed chain to try and remedy but still doing it. Has fairly new cassette too.

  2. The bike making noise when pedaling may be caused by a bike’s shifting system that isn’t at its best can result in a tire popping sound which will eventually result in bad chain problems.

  3. So, to prevent the bike chain from popping, you should check the chain’s length, and the shift system, and check for damage. For a low-quality shifter, you can replace the levers, twist grips, or derailleurs with more high-quality shifting gears.


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