Cycling With Umbrella (How-To Guide)

Have you ever found yourself caught in a sudden downpour while biking and wished you had an umbrella?

You’re not alone. 

Many cyclists wonder if it’s safe to bike with an umbrella. 

While it may seem like a convenient solution to stay dry, it’s NOT safe at all.

In this article, we will explore the risks of cycling with umbrella and give you some pointers on how to ride with one if you have no other choice. 

Is It Safe To Bike With An Umbrella?

Biking with an umbrella can be potentially unsafe and is generally not recommended.

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While it may seem like a convenient way to protect yourself from rain while cycling, there are several safety concerns associated with it.

Is It Safe To Bike With An Umbrella

Even using a bike umbrella holder is not safe and has risks.

Risking Of Cycling With Umbrella

Whether you’re holding an umbrella or using a bicycle umbrella holder, it can obstruct your field of vision, making it difficult to see the road, other vehicles or pedestrians.

This reduced visibility affects your ability to steer, brake and react fast and increases the risk of accidents and collisions.

An umbrella also creates instability. 

Wind gusts can easily catch the surface area of an umbrella, exerting force and making it challenging to maintain balance while riding, especially in strong winds. 

Unstable conditions can increase the likelihood of accidents or falling off your bike.

Moreover, holding an umbrella while cycling means you will have at least one hand off the handlebars, reducing your ability to respond quickly to sudden changes or hazards on the road. 

How To Ride A Bike With An Umbrella

While it’s generally not recommended, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to ride a bike in the rain and use an umbrella, follow these guidelines to minimize risks:

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How To Ride A Bike With An Umbrella

Attach An Umbrella To A Bike

The best option is to use an umbrella holder that can be mounted on your bike to shield you from downpours.

1) Look for umbrella holders specifically designed for bicycles.

These holders typically attach to the bike frame or handlebar and provide a secure attachment point for the umbrella.

2) Follow the instructions provided with the holder to mount it correctly on your bike.

3) Once the holder is securely in place, insert the umbrella into the holder and adjust its position.

Ensure the umbrella is angled appropriately to provide effective protection from the rain while not interfering with your visibility or cycling experience.

4) Before riding, give the umbrella a gentle shake to check its stability.

Ensure that it remains firmly attached to the holder and doesn’t wobble excessively. Make any necessary adjustments to secure it further if needed.

5) When using it, be cautious of the umbrella’s clearance while cycling.

Ensure it doesn’t brush against your body, impede your movement, or interfere with any bike components, such as brakes or gears.

6) Practice riding with the umbrella.

Start with shorter rides in less busy areas to familiarize yourself with riding with the umbrella holder.

Gradually increase the distance and complexity of your rides once you feel comfortable and confident in controlling your bike with the attached umbrella.

Holding The Umbrella

This is the most riskiest and is not recommended at all. But if you have no choice, I might as well help you.

1) Hold the umbrella on your left hand and keep your right hand on the handlebar.

Your right hand will be responsible for steering and maintaining balance so make sure you have a firm and secure grip.

But hold the umbrella with a relaxed and light grip, and don’t strain your hand and arm muscles.

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2) Hold the umbrella at an angle

Tilt the umbrella slightly forward, positioning it in the opposite direction of the wind. 

This adjustment serves two purposes: reducing resistance and preventing the wind from catching the umbrella and potentially compromising your balance.

3) Ensure it doesn’t obstruct your view of the road, traffic, or pedestrians. 

Periodically check for any blind spots caused by the umbrella and adjust your grip or angle accordingly to maintain good visibility.

Cycling With a Umbrella

4) Practice Practice Practice 

Before you try it on a long crowded road, do short rides and practice.

Safety Tip: it’s crucial to cycle at a manageable speed. This gives better control over the bike while holding the umbrella and gives you more time to react to any unforeseen circumstances.

Bottom Line

Cycling with an umbrella is very risky and you should NEVER try it unless you don’t have any other choice. 

Even then I wouldn’t recommend it. Because at worst, you will get wet. 

If you ride with an umbrella you risk accidents which could have serious consequences on your health and well being. 

Oh and to debunk a myth – umbrellas don’t attract lighting


How Do You Hold An Umbrella When Cycling?

Keep one hand on the handlebar and the other on the umbrella. Tilt the umbrella slightly forward, against the direction of the wind, to minimize resistance and prevent it from catching the wind and affecting your balance.

Is It Weird To Use An Umbrella In The Sun?

Yes. Never go cycling with umbrella in the sun. It’s very unusual or uncommon and will definitely be judged and called weird.

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