Bike Rack Stuck In Hitch (Solutions)

Having a bike rack stuck in your trailer hitch is super frustrating. 

Over time, corrosion and rust can cause the rack to bind tightly inside the hitch receiver, refusing to budge no matter how much you try to wrestle it free.

I once had a bike rack remain stuck in my hitch all winter long after our final fall camping trip. When spring arrived, I was unable to remove it by hand no matter how hard I tried. 

After banging away at it with a hammer and finally resorting to fully removing the hitch itself from my SUV, I was able to free the stubborn rack. 

That difficult experience taught me several go-to techniques for liberating a stuck bike rack when regular methods fail.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll cover all the methods you can use to free your bike rack stuck in hitch.

#1 Try Penetrating Oils

The first solution is to try some penetrating oil lubricants, such as WD-40 or PB Blaster. 

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Try Penetrating Oils

These can work their way into microscopic spaces between the rack and hitch to break up rust and corrosion. 

Thoroughly coat every accessible surface and let it sit for a while before attempting to remove the rack. Be patient and reapply if needed. 

The oils may take hours or even days to fully penetrate but can save you from more drastic measures.

#2 Use A Hammer

Sometimes a little brute force is needed to jar the rack free. 

Use a regular hammer or small sledgehammer to strike the rack forcefully from behind, into the receiver. The shock can help break the bond. 

Place a spare 2×4 or other wooden block behind the rack if you need to distribute the force instead of hammering directly on the metal. 

Also, be careful not to miss and damage your vehicle!

#3 Remove The Hitch

If you’re able to fully remove the trailer hitch from your vehicle, this will allow complete access to the stuck rack and let you be more aggressive. 

With the hitch off, you also don’t have to worry about causing damage as you beat away at it. 

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Apply penetrating oils then use a hammer, pry bar, 2×4, or whatever you need to really put some muscle into freeing the rack.

#4 Use Leverage Tools

Long pry bars, pipes, or other implements can help by gaining mechanical advantage. 

Place the bar between the hitch receiver and the rack, or on the outer edges of the rack, and push or pound on the lever arm to multiply your force. 

This is most effective once you’ve loosened up the binding with lubricants and hammer strikes first.

#5 Drill To Restrict Movement

If there is a threaded hitch pin or insert that keeps spinning, drilling a small hole and inserting a bolt can stop the rotation. 

With the spinning stopped, you may be able to unscrew a stuck hitch insert. 

Drill carefully and be sure not to damage the hitch body itself.

#6 Chain and Pull The Rack Out

For the most stubborn, stuck-forever racks, you can chain or strap it to a sturdy pole or tree, then use your vehicle to pull against it until it pops free. 

Chain and Pull The Rack Out

Hook a sturdy chain or tow strap as close to the front edge of the rack as possible, and wrap the other end around something solid that can withstand the pressure. 

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Slowly pull forward with the vehicle to apply force. 

Beware this can damage the rack, your hitch, or your car if you overdo it!

#7 Apply Torch Heat

Heating up rusted parts with a torch can help break them free. The heat expands the metal and breaks down corrosion. 

Apply the flame evenly around the rack and let it heat up for a bit before trying to remove it. 

Be extremely cautious using an open flame near a vehicle gas tank or other flammables!

Final Thoughts

With persistence and care, one or a combination of these techniques should help you finally conquer that bike rack stuck in hitch. 

Just be sure to work safely and avoid damaging your car. 

If all else fails, don’t be afraid to call in a professional mechanic for assistance. 

And once you get it free, remember to grease components regularly and remove the rack when not in use to prevent it from happening again!


Are Hitch Bike Racks Easy To Remove?

Hitch bike racks are generally quick and simple to install and remove when maintained properly. However, over time debris and corrosion can cause them to become stuck. Regular lubrication and removal when not in use will prevent this.

Will A Bike Rack Damage My Car?

A bike rack will not damage your car if it’s installed correctly. But if they aren’t installed correctly, they can potentially cause harm.

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